Deliver remote state-of-the-art with confidence.

What is RTM?

Non-face-to-face monitoring and analysis of non-physiologic factors used to understand a patient's health status.

Why aiHealth?

Improve health outcomes

Secure, convenient, and easy way to access and report your health information back to your doctors in real time and communicate with your provider right in the app.

Comprehensive aiHealth devices

Connect to our devices to track spine mobility and posture

Straightforward enrollment and setup

Simply register through our free mobile app, aiHealth

Automatic data transfer

Automatically transfer data to your provider and generate reports with monthly or periodic data for your next visit

How does aiHealth help providers?

our aiSpine series

Developed for clinical accuracy, our aiSpine series is user-friendly and easy to set up. Our devices provide valuable patient health insights when monitoring from home.

We will be including new aiNeuro, aiJoint, ECG monitoring devices, Oximeter, and Pulse Pressure monitoring devices soon.

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