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Our medical team consists of outstanding experts and professors. We have cutting edge medical knowledge and extensive experience in our specialties.You do not need to search for the best hospitals and doctors in America. We are the top medical service team in the United States.
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We provide all medical services including oncology, hematology, cardiology, respiratory, gastroenterology,nephrology, endocrinology, neurology, psychiatry, rheumatology,infectious diseases, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, urology, orthopedics, obstetrics andgynecology, pediatrics, dermatology,pathology, radiology, etc

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We offers telemedicine program and medical consultation (i.e. second opinion) to patients in China through internet based, multi-media system and technology. US trained Chinese-American physicians will provide the cutting-edge medical care to patients in China. Patients now can benefit and enjoy the latest US medical treatments through internet based systems without long-distance traveling.

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U.S.based medical treatment for you

U.S.based medical treatment for you

lf further treatment is required, we will assist Chinese patients to come to American hospitals for treatment with professional guidance from doctors. We will provide patients with a full range of "one-to-one" consultation services, from contacting American hospitals, selecting experts, making appointments, assisting in applying for medical treatment visa to the US, airport pick-up and translation service. We will also arrange accommodation,medical insurance and any follow-ups necessary for our customers.

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Doubling Cancer Survival Rate Project

As recently reported by Lancet, the average cancer survival rate in China is only about +30%, while patients in the USA have an average cancer survival rate at about + 60%. AIH has put together a strong Chinese-American Physician team to closely collaborate with their oncology colleagues in China, with the goal of doubling the 5-year survival rate for certain type of cancers (including lymphoma and leukemia) in the next 5 years.

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